All trades are executed to leading liquidity banks using market execution with no re-quotes, no dealing desk or human intervention and no trading restrictions.

STP Trading - No Re-quotes

Client satisfaction is the main focus at Yadix. We understand that the priority of clients is reliable order execution and attractive trading conditions to allow unrestricted trading. Yadix is a no dealing desk broker and operates the STP Forex model. By guaranteeing no re-quotes and by welcoming all trading strategies including all EAs and scalping systems, clients benefit from unrestricted trading and can maximise our trading conditions to trade the markets freely.

Market Execution

Market execution is when an order is executed at the best price available directly to the markets, where global banks and financial institutions act as liquidity providers. Orders are executed without any dealing desk manipulation or intervention. Market orders do not experience re-quotes and are executed on a “fill or fill” basis. By using leading broker technologies, traders experience low latency, fast execution and accurate order filling that are beneficial for high frequency traders and scalpers.

Forex Technologies to Reduce Latency

Fast order execution is critical to ensure that orders are filled accurately, however, latency can cause delays and lead to orders being filled at the next available price (slippage). Yadix tackles latency head on by using the Equinix Financial Exchange to execute orders with superior, fast and low latency order execution for every trader.

A free Forex VPS can enhance your trading experience by reducing latency caused by local internet restrictions. Your MT4 platform is hosted on a private server close to the Equinix LD4 trading server to reduce latency and give you a stable and fast environment to trade successfully.


When trading market execution there are no re-quotes and no orders are rejected, however normal latency in the markets can lead to orders being executed at the next available price (slippage). Slippage is often referred to as negative, but in fact slippage can also be positive for the trader as they experience price improvement with best execution policies.

When exiting an order or when your stop loss/take profit is attempting to be filled, rapid market movements could mean that the price you want to fill at is not available to trade in the market (it past already or didn't exists in the market) and the order is filled at the next available price. Slippage is more likely during volatile market conditions when quoted prices are fluctuating rapidly.

To increase your execution speeds and lower latency, Yadix offers a free MT4 VPS Hosting facility that allows clients to trade rapidly and efficiently.

Trading Strategies

Pre and Post-Trade transparency is an important factor for all trading strategies and all clients should assess any Broker conflicts of interests, transparency, conditions and execution philosophies. At Yadix, we support high frequency trading, profitable expert advisors and specialist strategies by offering transparent and beneficial trading rules such as no minimum market distance limits, core spreads and minimum market increments to deliver the best environment we can for you to trade successfully.

Expert Advisors

Through the beneficial trading conditions available, Yadix encourages the use of Expert Advisors. Our best bid/ask pricing, best execution and no conflict of interest policies allows all EAs to fully maximise the strategy and allows all EAs to trade with without any restrictions at Yadix.

Regardless of whether your EA is programmed to scalp, hedge, generate rebates or any other strategy, the EA will rely on low spreads and fast order execution to maximise the strategy. Yadix offers four different account types, each targeted to specific strategies and without any Expert Advisor restrictions.

News Trading

When trading during the release of important and influential economic data, forex markets can become extremely volatile and unpredictable and can often lead to sharp changes in the price within a very short space of time, otherwise known as “ticks”. During these “spikes” in the market, slippage can occur and orders, stop loss and take profits executions can be affected since the price that a client wants to “fill” at is simply not available in the market or has already passed due to the extreme market movements.

When trading with an STP/ECN broker, the prices displayed on the MT4 platform are not manipulated to suit the needs of the “dealing desk”, but are a true reflection of real market conditions and from leading FX banks acting as liquidity providers.

Should you plan to trade the news with Yadix, we strongly advise that all news traders be prepared for such occurrences and plan your order entry and exit strategies accordingly to compensate.

Trading According to Market Flows

As a true STP broker, we will gladly expect and support any strategy that trades the Forex markets using normal market execution flows. Any strategies or systems that do not follow normal market flows, but instead tries to manipulate the markets by abusing the Fixed API to the liquidity providers, connection latency, price feeds or any other type of manipulation cannot be supported.

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