Yadix chooses the most competitive price in real-time, matches your order and executes your transaction instantly to the chosen liquidity provider.

As an STP (Straight Through Processing) forex broker, Yadix does not operate using a dealing desk, this means that there is no conflict of interest with our clients trading activity. By developing excellent relationships with a range of selected liquidity providers and tier one forex banks, allows Yadix processes your trades directly through the MT4 trading platform to the liquidity provider that is offering the most competitive price without restrictions on critical aspects of generating trading profits such as stop limits or strategy limitations.

Tier one banks and leading liquidity providers compete for your trades, this allows Yadix to offer the lowest forex spreads in the STP market. Yadix chooses the most competitive price in real-time, matches your order and executes your transaction instantly to the chosen liquidity provider. The process uses the latest technologies and the entire flow is instantaneous ensuring no delays in processing orders and definitely no re-quotes.

  • No Restrictions on Trading
  • No Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Order restrictions or limits
  • Market Execution
  • No Re-quotes
  • Click & Trade
  • Trade Orders Over 100 million easily
  • Accurate Fills on Take Profit & Stop Loss orders
  • Technical Support during Trading Hours
  • Interbank Liquidity

Market Execution - No Re-quotes

Orders are executed through market execution which is beneficial when comparing to instant execution as traders receive competitive prices from the deepest pool of liquidity providers. This creates competition between providers and forces prices to their lowest rate. Instant execution is different as the trader must set a deviation level on the order and wait for the position to be accepted at the trade price, this gives the market maker the advantage of previewing the trade before choosing to accept it leading to delays or re-quotes. By trading STP clients avoid re-quotes, delays and manipulation.

Placing Orders

Yadix is able to pass on low forex spreads by using competitive price feeds provided by multiple liquidity partners. This also allows us to maintain a rapid execution rate of 99.9% fills completed on average under 5 milliseconds and under 3 millisecond when using the Yadix MT4 VPS Hosting. The automated trading systems used by Yadix ensure efficient order execution without issues.

Multiple Fills

Single orders can be filled at multiple liquidity providers and prices using the Yadix liquidity bridge. The system ensures that all orders are always filled efficiently and at the lowest prices on offer in real time. The process is simplified by aggregating all bid and ask prices on offer and displaying a weighted price in the trading chart. It is important to remember that price offered in the market watch is the price orders are executed at.

Parallel Processing

The Yadix forex bridge can process thousands of orders simultaneously to ensure all clients orders are filled efficiently. This automated processing flow is critical when clients of Yadix open orders simultaneously using either Expert Advisors or manually trading, usually around the release of critical market news, economic announcements or when EA trading systems receive signals to submit or close orders.

Partial Closing of Orders

The Yadix MetaTrader4 allows the full or partial closing of orders via the MT4 liquidity bridge. This functionality is beneficial for clients that implement trading strategies that require the partial closing of orders. Partial closing of orders is a safeguard that is often used to protect market exposure or to lockdown profit already generated by a successful trade. Asset/Money Managers, many Expert Advisors and scalping trading systems also rely heavily on the ability to close orders partially.

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