Advanced technology from Equinix helps traders accelerate performance by using low latency connections to deliver faster and more accurate order execution to co-located liquidity banks.

Yadix Order Execution Just Accelerated

Yadix is committed to delivering superior order execution on its STP/DMA forex model to its retail and institutional traders. As such we have partnered with Equinix, one the financial markets leading technology providers to be able to deliver the fastest order execution speeds, with the lowest latency and the most accurate order fills through the Equinix Financial eXchange.

The Equinix LD4 server facility is located at the heart of London's financial centre and through this technology, all clients trades will now be executed through the large network of trading hubs and bank servers, located in the Equinix data centres.

Low Latency Trading – Faster Execution & Accurate Fills

When trading time is money and latency is an issue that affects many trading strategies and can negatively influence clients trading profits. Even with the best facilities at your home or office, accurate, fast and reliable order execution is reliant on the broker technology used to execute your forex orders.

By switching to the Equinix Financial eXchange, clients of Yadix need no longer consider latency as an issue. The results are more accurate fills, faster order execution and hopefully more trading profits for our clients.

Which Trading Server Should I Choose?

The Equinix Financial eXchange connects strategically located trading servers around the world that are connected via a cloud technology to ensure that no matter the clients location, order execution and connectivity is just as fast as if you were located near to the data centre.

How can the Yadix VPS Improve my Trading?

The Yadix VPS can be used to get the absolute fastest forex order execution available using an impendent and dedicated server purposely to host your Yadix MT4 platform and forex robot. The VPS will allow your Expert Advisor or robot to trade the forex markets 24 hours a day and ensure accurate order filling and super-fast execution of all order types.

Which Forex Trading Strategies can benefit from Faster Order Execution?

All forex traders will benefit from low-latency trading with an average ping speed of under 3ms trading over 50 forex pairs. This value is very evident for trading strategies such as forex scalping, EA traders and clients that use all types of Robots that deliver results that rely on the fastest order execution, tight order filling and a stable connection.

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