PAMM Investors
The Yadix PAMM program is ideal for investors to access the forex markets through professional managers.
PAMM Managers
Yadix provides an advanced multiple account management solution using cutting-edge technology and leading facilities.
PAMM Partners
Increase your profitability by introducing forex investors and Fund Managers to the Yadix Forex Managed Accounts community.
Forex Managed Accounts
The Yadix PAMM program offers a unique investment opportunity for investors looking for long-term proven, high yield returns. The program introduces professional and independent money managers with low to medium risk money management to ensure lowest drawdown and consistent performance figures, using a mixture of proprietary automatic trading systems and manual trading strategies.

Manager №1455

Risk: Low-Medium
Min investment: $1,000
Growth: 74%
Max. Drawdown: 1.36 %
Performance Fee: 25%

Manager №5566

Risk: Low-Medium
Min investment: $2,000
Avr. Monthly Growth: +14.75%
Max. Drawdown: 9.30%
Performance Fee: 20%

Manager №7006

Risk: Low-Medium
Min investment: $2,500
Growth: +139.66%
Max. Drawdown: 0.72%
Performance Fee: 25%

Manager №1673

Risk: Low
Min investment: $2,500
Avr. Monthly Growth: +23.6%
Max. Drawdown: 7.36%
Performance Fee: 30%


Manager №1681

Risk: Medium
Min investment: $5,000
Growth: +81.36%
Max. Drawdown: 8.15%
Performance Fee: 30%

Manager №8292

Risk: Low-Medium
Min investment: $500
Growth: +32.57%
Max. Drawdown: 20.48%br />Performance Fee: 25%

Access to Professional Managers

Investors can select from a range of Forex Fund Managers according to their investment profile and expectations.

Access to Qualified Investors

Forex Fund Managers have instant access to qualified investors and potential leads. Yadix will introduce your service on a personal level to suitable investors.

24/7 PAMM Monitoring

24/7 access to managed accounts allow full transparency and ultimate controls for the investor.

Latest PAMM & Management Technology

The Yadix PAMM distributes all profits in real time and performance fees automatically, allowing the Fund Manager to focus on what’s important, trading.

Minimum investment $500

Investment into forex managed accounts is affordable to all potential investors, with the minimum investment starting at only $500.

Withdrawal any Time

Investors funds and profits are accessible immediately and can be withdrawn at anytime without any redemption period.

How to Choose the Right Fund Manager for you?

Once registered, a Yadix representative will contact you to present a selection of managers to choose from. Multiple Fund Managers are available to ensure optimised returns on all investments or to limit risk. When you have chosen a suitable manager, your investor account will be linked to the PAMM system of the experienced and professional forex trader who will act as your master.

The system facilitates the virtual relationship to ensure anonymity and peace-of-mind. This gives total confidence for the investor and guarantees you remain protected throughout the relationship. Investors remain in full control and can revoke Fund Manager permissions at any time. This ensures clients can invest in total confidence.

How can Managers Benefit from Yadix Investors?

Register as a Fund Manager with Yadix and get instant access to qualified clients looking to invest via a fund manager. The Yadix PAMM gives instant access to a network of existing investors and qualified investment leads who are ready to invest. Yadix will make your manager profile and performance reports visible to investors and then connect them to your PAMM Master account.

The Yadix PAMM distributes all trades proportionately across all of your investor accounts, instantly and at the same price. They system fully automates settlements after each trade and auto-correction of transaction volumes using the proportional management system. All performances fees are paid automatically on a monthly basis, giving you the time to focus on trading and making profits for all parties.

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