Quick Specs
Reward: VPS / EA Hosting
Deposit Requirement: Min. deposit of $5,000
Trade Requirements: Min. 50 lots p/m
Technology: Windows Hyper-V
Disk Space: 10 GB Disk Space
RAM: 1152 MB RAM
OS: Windows 2008 R2 SP 1
MT4: MetaTrader 4 Preinstalled
How to Claim: support@yadix.com

Forex Technologies to Reduce Latency

Fast order execution is critical to ensure that orders are filled accurately, however, latency can cause delays and lead to orders being filled at the next available price (slippage).

A free Forex VPS can enhance your trading experience by reducing latency caused by local internet restrictions. Your MT4 platform is hosted on a private server close to the Equinix NY4 trading server to reduce latency and give you a stable and fast environment to trade successfully.

The MT4 VPS hosting facility can be used in any location around the world without restriction. EAs rely on opening and closing positions at critical moments and delays in communication over the internet can cause issues to performance and profitability.

Yadix realises that some of our clients trade forex using connection speeds that can be described as “slow” due to their geographical location or internet restrictions. Using the Yadix VPS facility can dramatically improve trading experience.

Why Choose the Yadix VPS?

The Yadix MT4 VPS hosting facility is a great way to improve your forex trading experience online and eliminate any issues you may face when trading with other forex brokers . The free VPS facility will improve the speed of your internet connection and allow you to trade at full efficiency using your expert advisor.

As a true STP forex broker, Yadix is happy to provide the VPS facility to host your EA and maximise your profitability. The fact that Yadix only generates profits as a commission based on clients forex trading activity, our trading environment is set up to provide the best profit making tools to ensure that you trade at full capacity and profitability.

Who Can Take Part?

Any new client of Yadix that funds their trading account with a minimum of $5,000 can benefit from trading using the Yadix VPS facility.

How to claim?

Simply send an email to support@yadix.com or contact your dedicated account manager with your MT4 account number as soon as the account has been funded. The Yadix team will generate your VPS facility and pass on the login details to access your personal MT4 VPS hosting facility.


  • Trade in the same location as the MT4 trading server
  • Fastest order execution using STP and VPS facilities
  • Reduced latency
  • Efficient for automatic trading
  • No delays, re-quotes or any other trading issues
  • Free of charge

Ready to Open an Account?

Regulated by the FSC, License#: SIBA/L/11/0964, Phone: +44 (0) 203 239 6117  E-mail: support@yadix.com
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