Liquidity Providers


Major Banks Compete For Your Trades

A deep pool of liquidity is provided through AA rated banks that compete for your forex trades. Our relationship with selected liquidity partners is based on trust and high forex volumes. These benefits are passed on to our clients. All trades are delivered directly to the liquidity providers and not through a dealing desk. Once an order is submitted, the Yadix forex bridge sends the trade directly through to the liquidity provider offering the lowest price and the ability to accept your order volume, the order is accepted instantly and executed. This flow is called Straight Through Processing. A forex broker that uses a Dealing Desk does not send the order through to a liquidity provider but often keeps the order in-house, then should the order lose, the broker will then keep the margin staked used as profit, basically, you’re trading against the house.

The STP model guarantees no price or spread manipulation nor any conflict of interest. Your trade is opened and executed at the price displayed in your Yadix MT4 platform. A Market Maker can often delay the process to gain extra profit on the spread, this is called a re-quote. The delay comes from the time it takes for a dealing desk to review the order and decide on the risk level for the brokerage.

Yadix does not profit from clients losses but earns a commission on the forex trading volumes generated by the community. As our liquidity providers recognise the large forex trade volumes submitted, Yadix receives the most competitive STP spreads and passes them on to clients through the trading platforms. Also, the excellent liquidity depths and price feeds, allows the most demanding trading strategies to benefit from the Yadix trading experience.

We believe that having leading and respected liquidity providers is one of the most fundamental elements of forex trading. We strongly recommend that all clients considering STP trading also check out the liquidity providers supporting the broker. Poor liquidity on STP can cause trading issues during the quiet sessions and even during highly volatile market conditions. Yadix uses a large selection of world-leading banks to ensure the best execution for you.

Tier One Liquidity Providers

Some of the leading Liquidity Providers competing for your trades: UBS,Citibank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutsch Bank, Barclays Bank.

What are the benefits?

  • Straight Through Processing

    Yadix sends your order directly to these banks and liquidity providers without manual intervention.
  • Transparency

    Trade true market conditions and not a price that has been manipulated by a dealing desk.
  • Instant Order Fills

    Yadix provides clients live price streams from a selection of banks that are all competing for trade volumes, meaning efficient order fills.
  • Anonymity

    Client orders are executed automatically and anonymously.
  • Multiple Fills

    Single orders can be filled at multiple liquidity providers and prices using the Yadix liquidity bridge.
  • Parallel Processing

    The Yadix forex bridge processes up to 100 orders simultaneously to ensure all clients orders are filled efficiently.

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