The Yadix MetaTrader 4 Platform trading hours are set to opening at Sunday 22:00 GMT (DST 21:00GMT) and closing at Friday 22:00 GMT (DST 21:00GMT). Before market opening, all trades are refreshed to mirror true market prices. As soon as the markets open, all open trades are subjected to execution at the new and true market prices available.

New positions are not executable during the time that the markets are closed and the quotes are not applicable. New trades and order modification can be executed once the markets are re-opened.

The Yadix trading platform and server time zone is set to British times and therefore during British Summer Time (March through October) the market watch time is based on BST.

During British daylight savings times (October through March), the market watch time is based on GMT. The time displayed in the Market Watch window is the time of the latest quote.

During the first one or two hours after markets re-open, it's important to remember that liquidity can be less robust until the opening of Asia and the London sessions. Wider than normal spreads can be expected during these times and as there are less active buyers and sellers, some orders can lead to being filled at slightly different prices displayed on the platform.

Positions left open over the weekend are the most likely victims of thinner liquidity during these times, therefore, Yadix forex broker recommends all clients to understand the differences during these periods and compensate or prepare for such conditions.

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