Low latency fibre optic connectivity and ultra-fast
order execution.
STP Broker
Trading with Expert Advisors
Benefit from low cost trading, fast execution and leading technology for fast and precise execution using low latency connectivity and a free Forex VPS for better EA performance.
Forex Scalping and Day Trading
Unrestricted trading specifically targeted for Scalpers, gives the freedom to open and close orders with speed, accuracy and efficiency to lock in profits for fast market movements.
News Trading Execution Benefits
Fast server performance, high quality tick data and no stop loss hunting on all Forex, CFDs and Indices symbols increases trading performance for Forex News Traders.
High-Frequency Trading
Using optic-fibre connectivity from our Equinix servers to a network of trading hubs and bank servers allows High Frequency Traders the speed and accuracy needed to succeed.
True ECN/STP Broker Experience
Yadix offers true ECN / STP trading with no dealing desk intervention and delivers institutional trading conditions including core spreads from 0.0 pips, low latency execution and a best execution policy to support auto-trading and scalping.
  • ZERO limits/levels on your S/L, T/P

    Zero market distance levels or limits allows clients to set SL, TP and pending orders without limitations and even close scalping orders in the same second.

  • Supporting Profitable Trading

    Our unique no conflict of interest infrastructure, technologies and trading conditions are in place to suit profitable trading systems/strategies.

  • True STP Trading Experience

    Leading price aggregators match and execute orders, using fibre-optic connectivity directly to global banks and financial institutions without dealing desk manipulation.

  • Smart Order Routing & Aggregation

    High capacity MT4 Bridge connects scalpers to our advanced Smart Order Routing and Aggregation engines with the capacity of executing thousand of orders per second.

  • Market Execution - No Re-quotes

    Orders are filled to inter-bank FX exchanges on a “Fill or Fill” basis with no last look and no re-quotes and no broker intervention for pre and post-trade transparency.

  • Transparency & Anonymity

    Client’s positions and strategies are protected with 100% anonymous execution to the priced matching execution venue (Liquidity Provider) to protect from stop hunting.


Cross-connectivity to multiple inter-bank exchanges and execution venues allows clients to take advantage of best Bid/Ask institutional level pricing, with Inter-bank floating core spreads from 0.0 pips. Global banks and financial institutions feed prices continuously to ensure the spread remains competitive during all market conditions.

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By using advanced technologies for price aggregation and ultra-low latency price matching on the Yadix infrastructure, clients benefit from improved quality of trade execution and fills with a high frequency trading capacity, up to 10,000 trades per seconds capacity.

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Low latency server networks delivers fast execution of orders with average ping time of 2 ms using the Yadix VPS. Run your EA or Scalping Robot on a high specification virtual private servers to ensure stable auto-trading performance regardless of location. The VPS is available for free for high frequency traders.

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Our unique no conflict trading infrastructure is especially attractive for traders utilising either profitable or high frequency trading tools. Yadix welcomes all traders to take advantage of the benefits of exchange quality execution, complete transparency, level of liquidity and conditions to suit any trading strategy.

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Due to the high level of volumes executed by Yadix to the inter-bank exchanges enables us to deliver to all clients conditions suitable to trade successfully and without restrictions. All account types offer micro trading (0.01), leverage up to 1:500 without restrictions and core spreads from 0.0 pips.

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