Get paid to trade! For every trade you make, win or lose you will qualify for your guaranteed real cash rebates up to $15 per lot. Just select the best account for you and start trading to benefit from Instant Rebates!

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Take advantage of the highest paying Rebate program that gives you real cash back instantly for all of your trading activity.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For every trade you make, Yadix will pay you back a part of the spread or commission of your trade according to the program you choose.

Instant Rebates are credited automatically to your MT4 account as soon as you close your trade.

Case A - Client A deposited $5,000 to his Super Rebate account, made a trading profit of $1,500, and by trading 90 lots received an extra $1,080 in Rebates. Bringing his total profit for the month ($1,500 +$1,080) = $2,580 TOTAL PROFIT.

Case B - Client B deposited $5,000 to his Super Rebate account, made a trading loss of $500, and by trading 90 lots received $1,080 in Rebates. Even though Client B made a trading loss, he ended the month in profit. Total profit for the month (-$500 +$1,080) = $580 TOTAL PROFIT.

No. Your Rebates are automatically credited as cash so you can choose to transfer them to your trading account, save them or withdraw the cash.

Yes. You will earn the Rebate for each trade you make whether it is profitable or not

NONE, unlike other brokers , Yadix does not restrict any trading strategies or EAs. You can benefit from unrestricted trading conditions on the account that suits you and earn the most Rebates.

We offer the highest cash Rebates rates available anywhere on accounts to suit any trader or trading strategy.

Four generous Rebates programs are available, choose your favourite account and start trading to earn real cash Rebates.

What you earn is up to you, there is no set maximum amount you can earn. The more you trade the more you will earn.

TIP: Pairs like EURGBP and EURCHF have a higher pip value so trading them will earn you higher cash rebates.

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